#FAGChat Premieres 03/14/16


A date has been set. Things are blowing up starting with the premiere on March 14th 2016. Every Monday #FAGChat will be taking a big bite out of a new queen from RPDR! Every Tuesday will will regurgitate what happened on the Main Stage of RPDR and will also promote a DRAG QUEEN OF THE WEEK who will tell us their story and will also weigh in on the show. RPDR does premiere on  03/07/16 so our first broadcast DRAG RACE RECAP will cover both the premiere episode AND the second episode.

If you haven’t heard already the first queen being interviewed on #FAGChat will be the cooky, original, and genius TAMMIE BROWN!


The names of more queens involved in the podcast will be released as we set future recording dates ^_^.

Mark your calendars HUNTIES and pray that more queens are a coming!

If you are interested in being apart of #FAGChat as a DRAG QUEEN of the week or you are a former cast member of RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE and would like to be on the show please reach me at mydopevalentine@gmail.com




Name That Pok…Queen!

Maybe this has happened to you.

It’s some month in some year and the word you are most accustomed to hearing is NO. You are kind of quirky, a pessimist, but that’s why most people like you. You’re the Daria.

One day you will be barely paying attention and someone will tell you Yes. You will look at this person sideways. Ask them to repeat themselves because you couldn’t have been hearing them right. You think maybe just your ears are drunk. You brush it off and move on with life. Until it happens again. And then it keeps happening.

Yes this is a metaphor for myself and yes it has to do with my adventure in booking EX-RPDR queens. I sought out  as many of the ex-queens that had their contact information plastered across their Twitter and Facebook  and gave them a description of how the podcast will work, asked what kind of fee they would charge for 30-45 minutes of their time, and stressed that the podcast would be in Audio so no paint would be required.

Slowly, but surely, the responses started coming in and with each response, much like the Grinch, my heart grew 2 sizes… until my enlarged heart caused me to go into cardiac arrest. OK maybe I didn’t really die, but when anything goes my way I immediately become suspicious. I go out and test myself for different diseases, HIV, Diabetes, Ebola… I approach cars as if the force from Final Destination is going to cause my ass to be penetrated by a rogue set of windshield wipers. Long story shortened- every school has that tragic good-doer nice person that gets hit by a semi-truck and ends up having a rock garden or fountain named after them. If you think I am talking about myself— THINK AGAIN. Please. I would be the one driving the semi-truck and would live my life out in an all woman’s prison where I will never have sex again and live a very looooooong life because God hates me.

As I type this I am still on the mortal coil, but its only a matter of time.

I will meet my goal of Ten Queens. I have nine who said yes already and have been emailing an agent back and forth about two other potential queens. I have also reached out to some other famous Drag Queens who w\ho are prominent (who could be on Season 8, but so could my old Aunt Nester, sto)

I have not announced any names officially yet  so before I go through and officially name them I thought I would do something kind of fun and help you narrow down the field.

  • 1 Queen is a winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race that was revealed before the Reunited episode.
  • 2 Queens were on All Stars and were NOT on the same team.
  • 2 Queens were eliminated in the fifth LIPSYNC FOR YOUR LIFE of their respective seasons.
  • 1 Queen who LIPSYNC’D FOR THEIR LIVES a total of 4 times.
  • 1 Queen who mentioned being from Atlanta, Georgia in their seasons premiere episode
  • 2 Queens who were eliminated in their premiere episodes and were both fucking robbed.
  • Queen 10 is still out there. And who is to say I don’t make it a little bigger and add more? As soon as these last few emails are sorted out I will reveal who is on the roster for Season 1 of #FAGChat.






It’s Christmas in My Inbox

And if you are an ex contestant of #RPDR you are ALL invited :).

Last Friday I began reaching out to some of the queens on twitter or via their contact information and every day since it’s been like a trickle down effect in my email. A few emails here, a few emails there, and I have been gobsmacked by the responses I have been getting.

My New Years Resolution for 2016 and Forever is to stop PROCRASTINATING. I am tired of having creative ideas and  due to insecurity and maybe a touch of LAZY (OK, maybe a LOT of LAZY)  just giving up on them. The main struggle and dream killer is wanting fame and a following  before you even start.

Obviously you want to do a Podcast to have people to listen.The anchor that was holding me back was thinking that I would never get anyone to listen to me because I’m not famous. I don’t have a sex tape with a celebrity to fall back on. But then it hit me (like Ike and Tina Turner) that most Youtube Stars or people with podcasts didn’t have to get carpal tunnel under office desks and casting couches to be successful. They were able to take FAMOUS FOR NO REASON to new heights due to hard work and persistence. So why the fuck cant I have a wack at it?

My couch potato ass has morphed into the Little Engine That Could.  The show isn’t out on the buffet platter YET  so I am working my ass off so that once it’s prepared I will have hungry people ready to eat it. I fortunately have access to several reality television based groups with hundreds of members / as well as the reddit RPDR community – so Twitter has been my main focus in terms of getting #FAGChat out there. Its been 5 Days and I have already acquired just under 100 followers on Twitter (and you might scoff at that, but you go out and try to get people that DON’T KNOW YOU add you on Twitter without ASKING THEM or hashtagging #FOLLOW4FOLLOW).

Acquiring Twitter followers is not as easy as you would think. You can ask people to follow you SURE, but if you ask people without showing an interest in them- NEWS FLASH- they aren’t going to give a crap what you have to say. You can go out and buy twitter followers- which is just laughable. Robots can retweet, but they can’t listen to your work.

I decided to take to acquiring a following with the moxie of a politician, mixed with the levity of a cult leader (JK about the cult leader, but wouldn’t Hillary Rodham Manson be fabulous?) I am reaching out to different people with similar interests and trying to be as positive and encouraging to them as I can be.  AND I FEEL TONY THE FUCKING TIGER GRRRRRREAT DOING IT. Drag Queens, Artists, RPDR Fans, Musicians, Poets…Getting to see the viewpoint of so many different types of people has been one of the funnest parts of this process. If something sounds funny, creative, original I’m going to like it and be there to give that person a YAAAAAAS (Something more intelligible, but you get the gist).

Even if this Podcast doesn’t turn me into the next Shane Dawson I’m already fulfilled with the outpouring of support I have received and the different viewpoints that have been shared with me.

So while I keep chipping away – I will hopefully keep getting more emails of interest and more followers :). So far I am shitting out rainbows and unicorns and could not be happier with how things are going.


Fag- An Offensive Term

I am a gay male and grew up with ‘faggot’ being a proverbial bullet tossed at me walking down hallways. My boyfriend in high school would ask me to hold hands, insecure because of the lack of PDA I would show, and I knew, I knew exactly how things would play out. Least to say after doing it once, he never wanted to hold my hand in public at school again.

I get the negative connotation that surrounds the word Fag. I’m not trying to be offensive, I’m not trying to even be provocative.

I wear the word FAG like a dual badge of fucking honor. If being a FAG means being someone who likes other men, so be it. If being a FAG means being effeminate , work it. I am personally tired of people giving power to words that can have any meaning.

FAG to me is a FUCKING AWESOME GUY. FAG to me is someone who is in control of their sexuality and in touch with their feminine side and doesn’t give a fuck what some loser who is trying to belittle them thinks.

Fag is one of many taboo words with not so pleasant connotations. I got into a debate with someone where they equated gay men calling each other ‘fags’ to that of black men and women calling each other ‘niggas’ and it reminded me of one of the truest things I’ve ever heard out of painted lips (or text online, I wish I  could have heard this story in real life)

A brilliant drag queen by the name of Bob the Drag Queen did a pictorial with Magnus Hasting, his mug was painted to represent black face.  (See the picture below)


Bob knew the picture was controversial, but had an amazing parable in relation to what people thought of it.

‘A young boy comes home with tears streaming down his face. His mother ask “What’s the matter?” He tells her that he is mad because a kid at school called him a “nigger” and she said “Are you a nigger?” the little boy yelled, “NO!” The mother said “Well he was mistaken.” It was at that moment that he realized that he doesn’t have to be what people tell him he is. He thought to himself only a person who considers themselves a nigger should be offended when they get called one.

Now take that story and replace the word Fag with the N word. Take any offensive word and replace it with the N word.

We don’t have to let words created in hate dictate how we feel about ourselves and instead of making words negative, we can turn these words around into something positive.

A Fag to me is a FUCKING AWESOME GUY and it’s also an amazing acronym. (Mental note: Get T-Shirts made)  I hope anyone that gives my podcast a chance doesn’t hear that word and automatically become offended or turned off- because that is not my intention. This show is hear to promote FUCKING AWESOME GUYS and FUCKING AWESOME GALS.

That is all.

Queens ARE Interested!!! #Stroke



As of this moment we have three EX-RPDR Contestants interested and I’m having the best day ever. But how is she though?

My goal is to get at minimum ten interviews for the first season of #FAGChat so keep me in your prayers and don’t forget to floss after meals. Thank you!

Details of those participating in the podcasts will be revealed once they have been recorded which will not be until March(I don’t want to be name dropping and have things change due to extraneous circumstances, but best believe I about shit my pants this morning at the responses I got :)). I want to make sure I have everything perfect and prepared and like some drag queen (or maybe it was Alyssa Milano?) said ROME WASN’T BUILT IN A DAY.

In addition to RPDR, I will be reaching out to the Big Brother/ Survivor Community as well to try and get some interviews, which is a tad bit more difficult. Survivor contestants don’t have booking information plastered for me to contact them at on their Twitter handles.

I am just going to keep chipping away to get people for the podcast– I’m already feeling super blessed and hope that things keep going up from here.

Love you slutbutts.


#FAG Chat


Coming Soon. Well, Coming always, it’s just the podcast that is coming soon. I’ve always wanted to have my own podcast and blog, but thought their would be no point if I didn’t have a following to start with. I finally was just sitting around and thought to myself, well hmmm, like the world will EVER need another faggy blogger on the scene, and that was enough for me to just say FUCK IT and follow a dream. This podcast will mainly feature reviews for movies, music, my favorite Television shows like RPDR, Survivor, Pretty Little Liars, American Horror Story- just to name a few. It will feature commentary on Celebrity Gossip, Random Stories about horrible things happening to stupid people, and other Faggy Topics that we deem fit. It will also feature interviews with any reality television stars that will let me whore them out for a pat on the back and enough money to get them something fierce from the dollar menu.

Why #FAG Chat? Why not. I think the funniest people are those cunty people that sit around at their table giving side eye and talking shit about the people sitting at the table diagonal from them.  It’s faggy gossip, faggy shit-talking, and we are saving you a seat in hell because frankly you would rather sit next to us then at the 90’s Terrorists table. If the word Fag gives you flash backs to being molested by the school bully or your father slapping you for not wanting to watch football on TV than Xanax is probably what is right for you. Once you take some Xanax, come on back and you’ll be fine.

As well as podcasting, I will be blogging about my quest to become famous for no reason as I try to get the attention of my favorite people on twitter, make friends, and probably lots of enemies in the process.

#FAG Chat’s first episode will air when the Meet The Queens video for RPDR is posted

Twitter @bocrophuga // Reddit  iAMreplicunt